I have been working since 2011 with Navigation Technologies (Visual Monocular SLAM mostly) for Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicles (Drones) in the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and for Augmented Reality Applications on Mobile Devices in Insider Navigation Systems. I have Managed Teams both Technically and Commercially. I have founded 2 Startups and led CrowdTransfer, a Fintech Startup, for 2+ years. Since 2018, I am working on Deep Learning Research, where with Fellowship.ai I have developed an Automatic Search Technique for Image Dataset Augmentation. My work was featured in Platform.ai and is being actively used by their team, and also helped break State of The Art performance in the Food-101 Dataset.

Since March, I have been working on NLP, where I trained a Spanish and an English Language Model on Wikitext-103 based on the TransformerXL Architecture. I made a bilingual Text Generator based on them. I currently plan on making Text Generators for writing Fashion Items Descriptions.

You can download my Resume here. I am open for collaboration and/or exciting projects!